• I am the universe.

    I am everything and nothing.

    I tower over you all.

    I ooze with destiny, I bleed golden opportunity, I scream in the tongues of the angels.

    I am omnipotent.

    With the power of a thousand suns, I burn.

    there is is infinity hidden underneath my fragile skin.

    It cracks,
    it rips open from the seams,
    unable to fully contain my godly power in one meager human vessel.

    even mortals can see it.
    the flash of golden ichor running through violet veins.
    the twinkling of an eon's knowledge behind old eyes.
    the wrath hidden in pointed looks and silent sneers.

    i don't demand your prayer.
    i don't demand you pay tribute.

    i only ask that you recognize your superior when you see them.

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