• Chapter 23: Entering the Trideconese

    The boat soon arrived on the docks of the southwest side of Archapalaia.
    The party soon disembarked and soon hiked up the trail to the large city of Archapalopolis.
    The city of Archapalopolis is a large city, and is the only known settlement within the Trideconese Islands. It is a high tech metropolis not unlike Olympalantis, the imperial capital. The only known difference was it being much smaller. In the heart of the city was the temple to Hermes, who protected those willing to do commerce there.

    “Well, we’ve arrived,” said Valerius.
    “Now we just need someone to point us in the right direction,” added Galina.
    That request was soon answered, when a group of people approached the party.
    The group consisted of some guards and government officials, of human, elf, and dwarf races.
    The one leading the group was the prince of Archapalopolis. He was an elf of gray-tan skin, blue hair, and green eyes. He wore attire that looked like a modern Greek government official, but with a fantasy twist, as well as it being a bit jungle green. This prince also wore a gold and silver crown shaped like a laurel crown of antiquity. His name was Prince Palamedes Archapalas.
    “Welcome, travelers,” said the prince. “I am Prince Palamedes Archapalas. I have heard you were coming this way.”
    The party of heroes knelt before the prince.
    “Yes, Your Excellence,” replied Valerius.
    “I have heard also you are pursuing that scofflaw Erebus, are you not?” continued Prince Palamedes.
    “That is correct, Your Eminence,” replied Nauplius.

    “Then surely you can help us,” said the prince, “because that villain has been giving my island grief as well.”
    “Has he?” asked Rouvin.
    “Yes,” answered the prince. “Please, follow me to my palace and I’ll explain more.”

    The palace of the prince looked like a large crystal pyramid with four slightly smaller crystal pyramids near its corners. Yet t ...
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