• Chapter 24: The Blue Crystal Dragon

    Once inside the crystalline cavern, Nauplius stepped forward.
    “Follow me,” he said. “I’ve been through these caves long before these events, so I know them like the back of my hand.”
    The dwarf guided his friends through the glittering cave, as some of the crystals glowed to give light, as did some of the mushrooms and lichen. Magic in them gave some luminescence to provide light for those visiting.
    But there were creatures in the caverns that wanted to put the adventurers’ lights out permanently. Some bats flitted down from the ceiling—their wing fingertips having some of the crystals infused in them to either give them extra cutting power when they flew by, or aim light at them. Some light was made as a flash to disorient them, while others were focused into laser beams that could do serious gashes to them.
    Also, some skeletons of past travelers rose up. The bones of these skeletons had crystals growing on to them, and some even have crystal spikes growing on their knuckles. No doubt Erebus was here, and had raised these skeletons to “life” to cause the heroes trouble.
    “Looks like the welcoming committee!” said Valerius as he got his plasma blade out.
    “Leave the bats to me!” said Galina as she whipped up some small whirlwinds to send the bats spiraling away.
    Valerius and Nauplius turned the skeletons back into dust.
    Valerius then chuckled, “Rest in peace—or in this case, pieces.”

    The five soon entered a large crystal chamber, and they soon beheld a giant blue crystal dragon. The large reptilian had a large hawk beak on its mouth, and straight horns that looked like crystal spikes. Its wings looked very organic despite being made of hard minerals. There were even more crystal spikes running up its spine.
    The dragon opened its mouth and spat out a cyan and cerulean beam of energy. The party just got out of the way in time. When the beam hit the floor, a large flash of e ...
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