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    • White and Red - An Incident by Glaedr52
    • This is the first part of a story I started working on, telling the tale of an average cop wrapped up in a not-so-average murder case. I'm new to the horror genre, so don't flame me plz.... Anyway, tell me if you like my style...
    • Unusal Day Nightmare Chapter 2 by A Tabby Cat
    • As Bella meets her newborn brother, Edward, she finds him special. He can give her dreams she wants, flashbacks, whispers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But one day, she finds out that she didn't have the 2nd dream she want...
    • Captives CH.1 by rozie10000
    • I saw some of the other stories on Gaia, and I decided I wanted 2 write 1 of my own. here r some of the names you may not be able to pronounce in the story: Kingdom of Sayurse (Say-erz) Great Papa, Urse'(Er-say), The...
    • Never Look Back by xXxLoveHugsDrugsxXx
    • This is a part of my book that I am writing. this part is about Carol remembering Clark before he left. Carol always wanted to tell Clark how she felt but never could tell him. Clark moved away and Carol never got the chance t...
    • Journal Entries of a Survivor by Zverina
    • this is so far the third week and it seems to be getting a bit better than the others weeks what do you think? Well, from the looks of it he does seem to be doing better than week 2... but, will he last until the 5'th week poss...
    • Quincey's Ride prt 2 by 1 blue Link 1
    • hey hey hey!!! its quincey griffin!! thanks for reading chapter one!!! wasnt it great all though this has nothing to do with the storyline but....its funny and ccol ssoooo dont sign off.....i know where u live!!!
    • Think Twice by UchihaSohma
    • Another thing I wrote on my fanfic . net account... It was inspired by the songs Think Twice by Eve 6 and The Fight Song by Sanctus real... Pairing is Sasunaru Aka SasukeXNaruto And the anime is of course... Naruto!
    • Time Jumper Ch. 5 by BeaniesFTW
    • Sorry I haven't updated for awhile. I got writers block. I lost my streak. :( Anyway, rate and comment. Feel free to critque me, but no foul language.
    • Stuck. (Chp. 4) by AssKetchum
    • In this chapter, Lilly awakes from the sudden black out. The original sketch I made of this chapter was alot more graphic so I decided to cut it down a bit. It's kind of long, but please critique and rate, and be sure to read t...
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