• Akira:The Darkness Part 6

    I walked towards the forest.But I stopped.
    "Don't go."The man was touching my shoulder.My mind said 'go' but my legs wouldn't.I turned around and walked back to the fire.And sat down.
    "How did you?"I asked unsure what this was all about.
    "The power to control with the touch.Commonly in people with a brave and kind heart these days.Very rare."He laughed and sat down.He moved one of his silver bangs away from his face.Showing a flash of those hazel eyes again."First of all...Where are you going?And why are you looming around like a ghost?"He added.
    "....Home.My village."I responded.And looked at at the clouds.It was morning and the sky was baby blue again.Several birds flew past and I swore one of them peed on a tree.Or a animal.I laughed at the thought.Then I snapped back to my real mind."First of all.What's your name?Second,Why are you trying to keep me here?And lastly,why waste your time here?"I said quickly and clearly.
    "One,Its Nijix.Two, I'm not trying to keep you here. And lastly I feel safe here.And you need someone to travel with if you plan on going to your village.All the villages are thousands of miles away.And only little towns remain.Sky Village and Dark Sky Village are the only ones that are in range right now.And you need a guild to show you the way."Nijix told me,softly yet rough in its own way.
    "And your that kind of guild?More like the silver haired freak who never ceases to shut his mouth or mind his own business!"I retorted,I smirked.He gave me a long cold stare for a minute.
    "Oh yes miss 'I don't want to be helped.'"He retorted back.We went on for a hour going back and forth.
    "Fine.You can help me."I gave in.He stood up and held out his hand.
    "I never lose a arguement."He smiled.I grabbed his hand and stood up.
    "Which way?"I asked.He pointed north.
    "Get your things,we are going to Sky Village for my maps."Nijix laughed.He picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder."Your coming or what?"He turned his head alittle towards my way.
    "Alright!"I mumbled and followed him with my bag on my shoulder.

    ~To Be Continued~