Oh God...

    My mouth was open to scream but nothing came out. I could feel the scream in my chest but it restricted itself from going any further. I could see my fear-engulfed complexion in the mirror wall in front of me. Everywhere I looked, I was seeing myself. A Vampire had brought me to the very place where my worst nightglare took place. Back to the fun house that was in my nightglare, the one Kai and I went through at the carnival.

    The scenes from the nightglare instantly started playing itself in my head, much like a worn-out record player again. I was slipping into shock from fear and lack of breathing. My head continued to scream at me to get up and run but I couldn't tell where the door was and I couldn't move. Unconsciously, a tear slid down my right cheek and splattered on the mirror ground underneath me.

    My body had a spasm and I sprung to my feet, rushing over to the wall and feeling around for a door. The doors were blended in with the mirrors. The only way I'd be able to find a door would be to feel for a doorknob since it was hard to see in such a poorly lit room.

    I finally reached a doorknob and instantly started sobbing, "Let me out, let me out!" I hyperventilated and continued to sob, throttling with the doorknob. "Let me out!!"

    The last sound I wanted to hear rang through my ears; tapping. I could hear tapping on the mirrors but I couldn't see who was doing it. I throttled the doorknob more and pounded on it hard with my fist, still sobbing hard and breathing asperously and screaming bloody murder. I'd have called out to Kai but he was probably miles away, still at the restaurant, waiting for me. Every tap amplified and neared to my location and I was hardly able to breathe by the time I cracked the mirror door with merely my fist. Unfortunately, the mirror was merely a cover for the door; the door behind it was metal.

    "Let me out, somebody!" I cried, slamming my fist onto the door again and drawing blood. "Help!!"

    "Now, now, sweetheart, no need to be in such a hurry," a voice whispered into my ear again.

    I whipped around and nobody was there. Whoever it was must have teleported, trying to mess with me. I didn't want to be messed around with; if they were going to kill me, then let them kill me!

    "Why not stay for a spell?" a different voice whispered again and chuckled sinisterly.

    I squeezed my eyes shut, gripped my hair, and shrieked, "Leave!!"

    Two more poofs echoed through the hollow room and it fell silent next to my erratic breathing. I waited for another few moments, hoping the nomad or nomads weren't standing right in front of me. Oh how I wished I was always wrong, especially in such a situation. A frozen hand gripped my bottom jaw and lifted my head up, forcing me to look into the eyes of two Vampires. The one gripping my jaw was beautiful, like any other Vampire, and he had brilliant red-black hair and a crimson glow to his eyes. However, the one next to him was one that was all too familiar; the exact one from every one of my nightglares. The one who was standing outside of my school in all black in broad daylight.

    "I'm impressed; your lungs haven't imploded yet from screaming," the blond one--who was too familiar--smirked while scanning me up and down.

    "Oh God--" I gasped, trying to breathe evenly. "Wh-where's Kai?"

    "The same place where you left him," the blond smirked. "Now that we've met in person, is it about time we formally introduce ourselves?"

    "If you're going to kill me then kill me!" I sobbed. "Who gives a s**t about introductions?!"

    "Minoru," the blond pointed his slender finger at himself. He pointed to the man next to him. "Kaiba; my cousin. And you're Arisa, my darling?"

    I had a flash of adrenaline and spit in Minoru's face, "Do not call me that!"

    Minoru calmly wiped my saliva off of his cheek and wiped it off on his pants. He glanced over at Kaiba, probably signaling something or communicating with him via mind reading. With a flash, Kaiba slammed my head back against one of the mirrors on the wall, causing it to crack and causing me to black out for several seconds. He released me and I dropped onto my hands and knees on the ground and the two disappeared.

    I curled up and pressed both of my hands against the back of my head, luckily not feeling any blood. I was whispering to myself, telling myself it wasn't real, that I wasn't at the fun house, that I was just hallucinating in the bathroom. Another frozen hand gripped my wrist and jerked me forward, forcing me to look into the eyes of Minoru--as he called himself.

    "That wasn't very ladylike," he frowned at me. "Must we teach you some manners?"

    This guy was obviously a jokster and, frankly, I was getting sick of it. Of course, I was in no mood for backsassing and bitching because I was too afraid to die. I wanted Kai, I wanted to call out to him but he'd be unable to hear. Minoru merely smirked again--he probably read my mind--and he released me and backed away. I thought he would leave me be but, as usual, I was wrong once more. The other one--Kaiba--sped over and pinned me onto one wall by my throat, holding me around two feet off of the ground. My nails tried to compress into the skin of his forearm but I was unsuccessful.

    "Kill...now..." I sobbed, unable to get my whole sentence out. If I was unable to be reunited with Kai, I'd rather the two kill me now than rot in the fun house.

    "Oh, sweetheart, you poor soul," Minoru grinned and ran one hand down my right arm. "You must be frightened."

    I answered only with the tears streaming madly down my cheeks and onto Kaiba's hand. Kaiba only stared at me with the sinister red eyes and Minoru's were no different. Kaiba, in a way, reminded me of Hitoshi; he barely spoke. My breathing would have acted up if my throat wasn't blocked off by a Vampire's hand. Unfortunately, they could do so much more than just slaughter my breathing. With one flick of the wrist, Kaiba would snap my neck or even behead me.

    Eventually, I ceased my struggling and managed to halfway relax my body, knowing there was no way out of what I was stuck in. The two Vampires found me; I couldn't outrun them. I was going to be murdered brutally and Kai was completely unaware. What was funny is that, despite I was in the same mirror room as the one in my nightglare, it was being played out differently. There were two Vampires and they weren't necessarily hiding behind the mirrors.

    Minoru frowned at me, "It's no fun if you're not struggling,"

    I would have asked him how on earth I would have the energy to struggle anymore but my breathing was cut off and he beat me to the punch. Apparently, his version of getting somebody to struggle is to slowly slide his hand up my leg into my dress. That instantly got me kicking and crying even more. He removed his hand just as it reached my hip and he smirked; he was probably one of those Vampires known in the legends; the kind that seduces and kills.

    His hand gracefully ran down my arm and he gripped my wrist and my hand, turning it over to examine the veins that carried my rushing blood from my erratic heart. The enticement in his eyes sparked and he pressed his lips against my wrist and he inhaled deeply. His tongue lightly ran over my veins a few times and he smirked and chuckled in delight. Kaiba was either eying him or my wrist, probably wanting a fair share of my blood.

    "Not exactly the best way to end a date," Minoru chuckled. "Sorry, sweetheart."

    I only started sobbing again at the thought of Kai. It was so sudden and abrupt that I was taken from him and I couldn't even say goodbye. He wasn't coming; he had no clue where I was. The contract was taking over, but at least Kai wasn't around to witness; that was the only positive thing. The more I thought about it, the more I was relieved he didn't know where I was because then he wouldn't have to see me be eaten by two Vampires.

    Another quick movement of Minoru's hand up my dress caused me to kick at him and sob even more. I felt dirty and hopeless; why was I even fighting back anymore? They were Vampires; probably about fifteen times stronger than that of a normal human and I'm fifteen times less strong than the average human. I just couldn't bear their filthy hands and their sinister eyes with their watering, blood-thirsty mouths. The only thing that made everything worse was that I could see them from every angle with the mirrors.

    "The wait has really been pissing us off," Kaiba finally spoke, glaring at me. He squeezed my neck a little harder, "And so has Uketomeru and his soft spots."

    After Kaiba finished his complaint, a pungent sting perforated and stabbed the skin on both sides of my wrist and Minoru's fangs were fastened deeply into my wrist.