• The Final Battle
    By Sebastián Garrity Maldonado

    In the land of beautiful elves and dragons there is this nation full of mountains, landscapes, vast deserts, forest full of deadly creatures and there are huge cities with vast civilization. The elves are the most of the population and their eyes are green, red or yellow. They have normal ears but their sense of smell is advanced, they could see fifty miles more than the human eye, they can run as fast as leopards and they are not so advanced people. The dragon has wings of 82 feet long and their body is as big as a tree and their eyes are red or black. The creatures of the forest are thieves, they are big and monstrous. These, the elves call the ectoses, that are the creatures of any kind in the forest. The forests are as big as ten thousand miles. The Mountains reach heights bigger than the Mount Everest these are called silves. The landscapes are as far as a horse can go and are green and brown, they have rocks of different kind they have jewels as big as the humans body. The deserts are of white sand and there are only one kind of creature that lives there that they call the Diablos, that is a serpent that lives in the desert. The cities are full of big houses for the dragons and as little for the elves but in this story there can’t be a marriage between the elves and the dragons. In almost a decade these live in harmony.

    One day or shava the dragons decide to go to war with the elves and this is when the dragons start to spit fire and have a reputation of being bad. The dragons went to war with the elves because he dragons did not want the elves to be the powerful race. On this war, the elves have a Queen that commands the army and she isn’t very happy about the war and she tries to make a truce but this failed and the dragons killed the Queen. The elves are held prisoners and have to be kept on the city. A year or shavanova passed and they still didn’t have a Queen or King. One shava the heir of the Queen shows herself, and she starts the war again with the dragons and the Queen starts to make her army and declares the leader of the army that is called Emistur and he is a very courageous elf. The dragons attack, and the battle start there is green blood that is from the elves and black from the dragons all over the landscapes and the elves win this battle for the time remaining. The war keeps on going for four shavanova the elves still are standing tall and the both spices are almost exterminated. One shava the dragons finish creating a bomb or belecto in their language. They prepare two shavanova to launch the bomb. When the time comes the dragons send their most courageous soldier to sacrifice his life and he does do it. They told him that he was going to throw the bomb in two shava. The dragon goes to his house and writes a letter to his family which he has two little dragons. The shava comes and the dragon goes on his journey. On his way he was shot by big canons and was bleeding a lot until he fell from the sky and the belecto went off. The elves and the dragons were destroyed and the landscapes, mountains, deserts, forest and the huge cities were gone. The dragons and elves were extinct and the world was deserted.