• The night sky was black as coal, the stars a bright contrast as they shined above and beyond. The grass, usually so green and fresh, appeared to be two shades darker in the moonlight. The music sounded exotic and mischievous as the melody wafted through the air, enjoying how it made people shuffle and move their feet in ways they normally would not. The midnight breeze was cold against the pale skin, sending chills down her spine. The masks and attire worn especially for this occasion were brilliant, each one creative and unique. This was the New Years Masquerade Ball, held outdoors and at midnight to celebrate the coming year of tasty blood and new adventures. This was the annual ball held for vampires.
    The young vampire stood on the outskirts of the party, avoiding the confrontation of any of the others. The truth was that she didn’t want to be here, she didn’t want to celebrate being a vampire. What was so good of taking the life of another, she repeatedly said. Would that not make us evil? And who would want to be evil anyway? Apparently the answer was simple. Her mama always answered with the same worn out reply, “Dearest, accept what you are. You are a creature of the night, superior to all. Don’t be afraid to accept that.” Her mother was incredibly important in the vampire society, standing at the top- she was the priestess. And all of living dead had to follow her commands. She was arranged to marry her husband, having no choice in the matter. One day, that would be her life, and that was something she desperately wishes she could escape.
    Sighing deeply, she stood, her dress bellowing out behind her as if it were a cape. With one last glance back at the laughing guests, she walked away slowly, she despised social events. The only reason she was here at this one, was because “it’s the biggest party of the year, every vampire in the area has to attend.” Especially her, the Priestess’s daughter. That didn’t change a thing though, she was here but she didn’t need to attract any unwanted attention to herself.
    She stopped walking when she reached the end of the small hill where the ball was taking place. Laying down, not caring that she was probably getting her expensive dress filthy, she stared at the sky. She adored looking at the night time sky; she believed it to be one of the most beautiful sights. Just watching the eerie moon light up the night made her heart leap.
    Just as she was relaxing into sleep, she felt a presence behind her. Turning her head abruptly, she gasped. If she thought the moon was beautiful, then the man standing before her was absolutely breathtaking. With long crow black hair and gorgeous bright blue eyes that gleamed in the most terrific way, noticeable even through the black feather mask he was sporting. No one in attendance could compare to this man.
    She continued to stare, befuddled at why he was standing in front of her. At that moment, he crouched down and lightly touched her cheek, tracing the prominent jaw line. He reached up, taking his mask off, and once again she gasped. His beauty was mesmerizing. She noticed he was at least three years older than she was.
    “You wish to escape this place,” he whispered, his voice soft and inviting. “I understand that you don’t want to follow in your Mother’s footsteps. You could come with me, become my assistant.”
    “Why would you do that? You don’t even know me,” she replied, feeling her own light green eyes well up with tears of sadness and desperation. “You’re correct, that’s my deepest wish. But you have no reason to grant it to me.”
    “I want to help you escape a life of depression and stress, so do what you yearn to and come with me.” He stood, extending an arm toward her.
    She reached up, slowly and cautiously, and took his hand. While standing, she noticed how much taller he was than her.
    “I’ll become your assistant,” she muttered, suddenly very interested in her new shoes. The man’s eyes seemed to hold a sort of spell over her, she felt as though she couldn’t control her own voice.
    “Okay, you’ll be much happier this way, I promise,” he smiled down at her gently, “we set off at dawn. Meet me by the river then, and we’ll set off to find adventures out of this small town.