• Enzo awoke abruptly in a puddle of drool. He felt lost and didn't quite know what was going on. His ears felt plugged and his vision was blurry. He heard a muffled noise, like someone speaking through a pillow, the young man rubbed his eyes and slowly his senses began to focus.
    "...zo...nzo...ENZO!" Enzo's Advanced Mathematics teacher tunes in. " Enzo! Please! If you insist on sleeping through lecture, I implore you not to snore!"
    " Hhhm?! whah? I'm Sorry Ms. Fulppa! I'm just- I'm sorry it won't happen again." Enzo apologized, still groggy from the night before.
    [[Did that Really happen?? Was it just a dream?]] Enzo thought.
    The bell rang for lunch and the students filed out like cattle. The food carts were unusually crowded this day, and Enzo opted to skip lunch, and headed for his usual spot. His Brother was there waiting, having decided not to wait in line either; he was, however, in possession of a sandwich and juice collected by mysterious means.
    " Kora ?" Enzo inquired
    " She's a saint." Matteo replied with an exaggerated look of innocence. " But seriously, it pays to have the richest girl in school want to pamper you.”
    " Don't act like you don’t like her. You‘re just lazy and like free stuff more." Enzo smirked
    Matteo split the sandwich in two and gave half to his brother. After swallowing a very dry bite, Enzo found himself to lazy to reach for a drink, he lifted his wrist and directed a glob of juice out of its plastic pouch and into his mouth. Matteo's was a look of shock.
    " WHOAH THERE! What happened to 'Mr. Bend responsibly?' and I thought you didn't like apple juice..." Matteo pointed out.
    Enzo simply shot him a look and stole another sip.
    " My head feels like a smashed cabbage on the side of a wall." Groaned Enzo, " What happened last night? Did we give each other concussions?"
    " No, we...Well, yes. But I don't really recall. It all went blurry after our fight." Matteo replied, trying to bring back any memory.
    [[That voice- the one from my dream. Was it-? I, don't remember]] Matteo thought, rubbing his temples." Do you feel any different? I mean, besides a headache and the hung-over feeling?"
    " A little. Maybe we're sick. I just hope mom gets soon." Enzo responded.
    The boys made it through the day and somehow dragged themselves home. Today they both kicked their shoes off, and went straight to sleep.
    " Wake up young one." called a celestial voice " Wake up, time you see your destiny."
    " Wha- huh?" Enzo found himself in a strange and familiar place; floating amongst the stars, gazing upon a huge, glowing, figure." What? What's going on?! Where am I who are you? where's my house? Why am -" He was cut off by the giant form.
    " You are chosen, to be the world's new Avatar. The balance of the universe now lies on your shoulders." Spoke the being. " I am Avatar Aang and I will be here to guide you on your journey."
    " Journey?! wait! I have tests coming up! I can-" Enzo protested
    "I mean your SPIRITUAL journey." Aang laughed in a calming tone one might hear from a respected grandfather.
    " Wait, so I'm the new Avatar? Then last night, it wasn't a dream?" Queried Enzo
    " Not at all, you came into your powers on your sixteenth birthday." Aang continued. " You and your brother have a very unique bond that will influence both the human and spirit world."
    " My brother...? Oh yeah! He was with me last night; where is he now?" Enzo looked around
    " Right besides you," Aang swept his massive hand and Matteo materialized next to Enzo, " He had his own dream to be in, but now they are one."
    " he he he, trippy." Matteo nervously chuckled. " OH! hey bro! So, you having your talk with the Aangster?"
    " Aangster?" Enzo scoffed.
    " Err.. Moving on! You two are a rare occurrence in the universe- A split soul. You are both part of each other, like Ying and Yang." Aang explained, " usually there is only one new Avatar, but that is because the souls of the past Avatars are reborn into a new vessel. During my life, I was injured and could not reach my Avatar state. This split was like a crack in my soul, the charkas were later re-aligned, but the overall damage had been done. The Avatar could no longer be reborn as one vessel, and it needed you two, the split soul, to return to the earth."
    " So that means..." Matteo began
    " That's we're.." Enzo continued
    " The first twin Avatars?" They spoke in unison
    " Yes. But being Split in two means your full power will be weaker if you two are not in harmony." Aang answered, " That's all for now, boys, you'll need to rest; There's a lot in store for you two."


    " Vala! Look! The hall of statues!" called a young female monk. Her hazel eyes were accented by the blue arrow on her forehead.
    " What is it, Lin?" Asked Vala. She was a middle aged woman, although with her silky black hair and sparkling blue eyes gave her the appearance of a much younger woman. She wore what looked like clothe for snowy weather. Blue fur jacket with white trim, thick brown pants and a leather canteen hung across her shoulder.
    " The new avatar has been realized! " Lin cried, falling to her knees with tears of ,what we'll say for the reader's sake, joy. Although, Lin is a very clumsy girl and she may very well have been crying from throwing herself so hard on the stone floor; but as previously stated, we'll assume they were tears of joy.
    " I have to tell the boys! they'll be so excited! " Vala squealed
    " Yes, yes, go! You've helped the badly injured and the young ones will bounce back, OH! What joy!" Lin said, looking up at Vala with overjoyed(or pained) eyes.
    " I'll be on the next Earth trolley back home."

    Both boys sat straight up and leapt out of their rooms, meeting in the kitchen.
    " DID YOU? YEAH! WITH AANG? OH WOW!!" They blurted in tandem.