• She stood staring down the hall; two large windows illuminating the surrounding area. Her hair was as red as the flowers that sprouted around her feet. The flowers cracked and pushed the eggshell colored tiled aside to reveal a pale green vine spreading rampantly underneath. Moss grew from the molding and vines began to climb the walls. A stray filing cabinet tipped over to reveal a mottle of vinca and an oak seedling rapidly growing taller.
    The sunlight grew darker and darker as the vines began to strangle the light from peeking through as periwinkle flowers instantaneously sprouted from the growth. The roof teemed with spongy moss and the occasional fern. As the girl walked down the hall she plucked a small yellow flower from the wall and proceeded to a seemingly lifeless body. The body’s stomach slowly rose, then fell, rose, fell. Moss spread out around the body and slowly rippled out toward every wall.
    The body rolled onto its side to face the girl. It was a man in his early forties with a receding hairline that gave the man a look of fear. Facing the girl, the man began to shake as he noticed her eyes shimmer in a myriad of greens. When the girl knelt beside him, he became aware of a tune the girl continued to hum. It was slow and choppy; it was ominous and seemed to fill the hall.
    “Are you going to kill me?” he asked.
    She continued humming, twirling the small flower in her fingers.
    “Are you going to kill me like you killed the others?” he asked again.
    The girl bent over him and placed the flower’s stem in the man’s ear. He noticed a slight tickling sensation in his ear but tried to push it aside as he said, “Please don’t kill me. I was nice to you! The only one!” The pressure in his ear began to build. “Remember?”
    She smiled at him. He smiled back. But the pressure in his ear began to become deafening as ringing filled his head. A loud popping noise broke through the ringing as he realized his eardrum had popped. He wrenched in pain as the pressure spread throughout his head. Light spots entered his vision as a thick layer of moss began to envelope the man’s squirming body. The began to walk away, the man’s screams muffled by the thick covering of moss. She pushed the double doors open, sunlight shining off the mound of moss. As the doors slammed shut, a bright red flower penetrated through the mound of moss. As the flower began to grow, blood droplets rolled off the petals and plummeted to the moss.