• It was one of those lazy days where you can do nothing but lay your head down on the warm grass and gaze at the clouds above you. It made you hot and sweaty, but it was too hot to move. Of course, my friends and I decided that it was one of those days where you wear all your eyeliner and hope little kids get scared half to death by the black streaks that cascade ever so eerily down your face from where the make up melted. Now, I suppose I should introduce my friends at this point. Well, there were nine of us; Kate, George, Ingrid, Shelley, Oliver, Greg, Hendrix, Louis and of course me. Kate was probably the best friend I ever had. She always had a plan and when she did, she copied Violet from 'A series of unfortunate events' and tied her long brown hair back. George was quite fun at times, but his ambitions often involved all of us getting killed. Ingrid was boring. She just grinned and applied red lipstick. That was it. Shelley was very smiley and always had her blonde hair tyed up into a bun. Oliver. Ah Oliver, the genious twin of Greg. Greg, what a trouble maker! Hendrix wasn't actually called Hendrix. He was called Frank but always had a 'Best guitar...' CD on. He was crap at guitar though. Louis was a bit of a downer. Always skipping on the eyeliner. And me? Well, I was the glue that held us all together. Or so I like to think.

    Anyway, I got distracted there. We all just let the sun beat down on our youthful grinning faces. Hendrix was nodding in time to his CD. It was pure paradise. Surrounded by maniacs in weather that could reduce you to a pile of ash. Aaaah, what fun. That's when it hit me. No, not an idea, a ball.
    "Hey!" Ingrid yelled, "You made me mess my lipstick up!"
    "Uh, no one cares." Kate laughed.
    "I do!" Ingrid shouted.
    "Sweet home Alabama..." Hendrix sang.
    "Shut up!" Greg kicked Hendrix slightly.
    "Guys, calm down, it's just a kids ball." I sighed.
    "Oi, K.a.s.h.l.o.g.g.i. pass the ball!" A kid yelled.
    "What do you mean 'Kashloggi'?" I asked.
    "Its your initials, give us me ball!" He shouted, I threw the ball at his head.
    "That's amazing..." Oliver gasped.
    "Well, it was a pretty good throw, I wouldn't say amazing..." I grinned.
    "Kate, Anna, Shelley, Hendrix, Louis, Oliver, Greg, George and Ingrid.... Kashloggi...." Oliver whispered.
    "Let's keep the name!" I grinned. We had becpme Kashloggi.

    I moved to the North East later. I missed my friends so much that I decided to keep their memory alive by becoming 'Kashloggi'. A few weeks later and they were all on my friends list. I never thought much of the name but it brought me happiness.

    Unfortunately, Ingrid actually died in a car accident. So this is kind of in loving memory of Ingrid.

    Thanks for reading.