• A bomb is dropped,
    The ashes rise.
    It burns a hole,
    Unto the skies.

    The sky is falling?
    No, it's burning.
    Yet the world,
    Keeps on turning.

    Let's just stop,
    This endless hate.
    Close the roads,
    Shut the gates.

    Tip the scales,
    Toe the line.
    The answer's science,
    The wrath's divine.

    Burn the forests,
    Kill the dads.
    Stop the wives,
    From going mad.

    Watch it close,
    The tower's fell.
    They lit a flame,
    No cold can quell.

    I see the end,
    It's growing clear.
    Almost here.

    Let's throw a party,
    Join the masque.
    We're serving death;
    The final task.

    And know that soon,
    When all's been said.
    The dust will settle,
    And we'll be dead.