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Naruto: Corruption

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An evil known as The Corruption infects the land. Will the shinobi world overcome the corruption, or be consumed? 

Tags: Naruto, Corruption, Rping, Role playing, Roleplay 

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Chiyura - Spirit Manipulation

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Adorable Lunatic

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:51 pm
Clan Name: Chiyura
Country of Origin: Water Country

Kekkei Genkai:Kekkei Genkai/Clan Techniques: Naitekigan [The Inner Eye].
Rank: E

Note first, that this kekki can't actually do anything by itself, but requires techniques to be made based around it. Well, it does do one thing. It allows a Chiyura to see spirits and generally have heightened spiritual senses, which is why it is E ranked.

This third eye is merely symbolic. In fact this kekki genkai is not a doujutsu. It is the mind's eye, the soul's eye. The Chiyura, more than any others have control over their own souls, and over the souls of others. In and of itself this kekki merely allows heighted spiritual senses, though Chiyura have been known to create techniques which utilize this eye, which may involve leaving their body or stealing the souls of others. Specialization will differ, depending on the individual member and factors such as element being Fire or the preference of Ninjutsu over Genjutsu. Each Kekki manfests two of the areas listed below:

This is the ability to affect the souls of others. One way someone could use this is to slowly erode their mind.

Self Soul Mastery
This is the ability to do neat things with your own soul and it's connection to the body. One way this is used is with partial spirit puppetry to keep the body alive in a lech-like way.

Mass Soul Control
This is the ability to control masses of captured souls. These souls are used for generic purposes that souls would be used for and do not retain any characteristics of their owners. Unlike specific soul control, mass soul control treats all souls equally. It cannot tap the contents, but treats souls as material.

Specific Soul Control
This ability requires IC killing and stealing of souls to be used. Put extreme limits techniques created by this so that you do not abuse it... like only gaining a few jutsu from stealing a real characters soul, and rarely using npcs, and when you do use npcs battle it out like you would do normally to learn the technique, and don't use npcs to steal a soul in order to obtain that soul's kekki genkai. Unlike Mass soul control, specific soul control pays attention to the contents of souls.

Bloodline Techniques:

Spirit Gun
Class: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Requires: Corrosion
This technique is done without hand-signs. The user fires a small blast of visible spiritual chakra from his finger. This energy will not affect physical objects, but "explodes" upon contact with another soul, damaging it the same way that normal attacks might damage the body. At C rank, it would take a lot of spirit guns to actually kill someone.

Spirit Sword
Class: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Requires: Corrosion
This technique is a short-ranged version of spirit gun. The user holds the sword in his hands to battle with. The sword is not very sharp and will usually not cut into the soul very deeply. It would take many slices to actually kill someone. It can slip in and out of a physical or spiritual state one per post. Since it is made of spiritual chakra, it is difficult to destroy.

Demon Bow
Class: Kenjutsu/Kekki Technique
Rank: B
Requirements: Mass soul control
The user gathers a weak soul which possesses one of his arrows. This spirit will guide the arrow, making it go very fast, and avoid obstacles.

Invisible Arms technique
Class: ninjjutsu/kekki
Rank: A
Requires: Mass Soul Control
The user sends out invisible spirits to possess nonliving objects, and cause them to levitate. These sprirts must stay within a 4 meter radius of the user when not possessing something, but once they have taken over something, it can move out of this range. Dead bodies/ body parts also count as nonliving objects. The user may also use this technique on a willing person.

Soul Corruption
Class: Doujutsu/ Kekki
Enabled by:Corrosion
In order for this to be in effect, first the user must make eye contact with his enemy. After that is done the person trapped inside the Genjutsu they would see themselves in a graveyard. Then all the souls the user collected would begin to float around talking to the enemy telling them to give up their soul. The target's mind will begin to corrode. Memories and personality begin to be erased.

Partial Spirit Puppetry
Class: Passive Kekkei Technique
Requires: Self-Soul Mastery
This technique substitutes the body's properties for the souls, meaning soul "blood" could keep the body alive for example. This uses a great deal of chakra, but can be used to survive great damage to the body, though one could not survive something like having a vital organ completely destroyed.

Chiyura Jutsu Transfer
Class: Ninjutsu/Kekkei Genkai
Requires: Self Soul Mastery
This allows the user to temporarily transfer their memories and ability to perform a jutsu to another person. This will not dispell jutsu already activated, nor take away the user's ability to dispell jutsu that the memory of was transferred, but the user will not be able to perform the jutsu until they dispel this technique and return it to themselves. A technique cannot be dispelled until 3 days after it has been transferred. Only 1 technique can be transferred to any one character. This technique works by transferring a small portion of his own soul to the target as well. By this means, techniques that they would otherwise be unable to use with mere knowledge, such as kekkei genkai, can be enabled.

Mind Leech
Class: Doujutsu/kekki
Rank: S
Requires: Mass soul control
When the enemy is looking into the user's eyes, he can send a spirit like a laser beam through their eyes. It will remain in their mind and allow the user to track that person and read their mind.

Soul Devastation
Class: Kekki Technique/ Ninjutsu
Enabled by: Mass Soul Control + Corrosion
Using this technique the user is able to form a spirit ball of energy from the masses of souls.The spirit energy glows with a bright shine to it. If a target is hit with the spirit energy the spirit is so great that it disintegrates the target.

Soul Weaving
Rank S
Range: 3 meters
Requirements: Mass Soul Control and Specific Soul Control
The technique takes a powerful soul and then builds upon it with weaker souls. This can be used to create chakra creatures similar to the bijuu, living weapons, powerful jutsu, or transforming an ally. A powerful soul is an actual RPC's soul, so each time this technique is used, at least one RPC's soul soul must be expended.

Soul Stealing Technique
Class: Passive Kekkei Technique
Rank: S
Enabled by: Specific Soul Control
This technique can only be used on an RPC. When someone dies near the user, they capture their soul. This allows you to take up to 10 points of techniques, either directly from that character's profile or by basing techniques on theirs. Even Kekkei Genkai can be stolen by stealing the soul.These Techniques must still be trained for, but training will be reduced by 1/2.

Black Resurrection
Class: Kekkei Technique
Rank: S
Enabled by: Specific Soul Control
Once the user has captured someone's soul, they may place it into a suitable host. To do this, they bind the host and place them on a fuuinjutsu and perform a 30-minute ritual. The host's memories will be wiped. The host soul will have access to kekkei genkai of both their soul and body. The ressurected person will be completely obedient to the user (you can play them yourself or allow the original rper to).

Physical Characteristics: Light to Pale Skin, white hair, slitted and/or unnaturally colored eyes.

Mental Characteristics: Above average to superior intelligence. high occurrence of sociopathy, narcissism and similar conditions. In other words the Chiyura may lack conscience or pursue self-indulgence.

History: The Chiyura are a clan of nobles who have held the feudal lord position in Water country for for many generations as well as other countries they've conquered. There is much darkness surrounding the clan's history and many incidents of murderous power struggles within the clan. While the leaders rule, those not in direct line to inherit seats of power may become shinobi in the villages.

The first true Chiyura was Chiyura Netherys, known as Kaiser II. Her mother's corrosion and her father's soul manipulation merged in her blood so that the the traits were passed on to all to come.

Her father, Kaiser I, once ruled the entire world, which earned him his title. Though, when he was defeated by Rikudou Sennin, his empire fell apart.

The next major event was the Chiyura civl war, in which Chiyura Chishio killed his oldest brother and attempted to gain control of the clan using a sword with Biju-like Chakra. But, he was killed by his other brother, Yang, and the sword was destroyed.

Then came Chiyura Koumovadra, a man who once again reclaimed the title of "Kaiser." The Chiyura blood ran thick in him. He was not damaged by the Chiyura's mental state, but he mastered his own insanity. He brought more immense pain and death upon the world.

But his time is past. What will come of the next generation of Chiyura?

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:04 pm



Adorable Lunatic

PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 4:34 pm
more clan techniques that need approval:


Dream Leaving
Class: Kekki Technique/Genjutsu
Rank: S
requirements: Self-Soul Mastery
The user is able to enter the dreams of any person he's met before. The only requirement is that both user and target are asleep. Setting and objects may be affected by either user (if both are trying to effect the same object, the object will stay as it is), but both will have their normal abilities. If the user kills the person in dream-world, they will also die in reality. the user may also choose to bind his own soul into the dream. If he does this, the target will not be able to wake up unless he kills the user, no matter what happens on the outside world, but the user will also be able to die in dream-world.

True Deception
Class: Kekkei Technique
Rank: A
requirements: Self-Soul Mastery
The user can alter her own soul which changes her personality and memories. Her original personality and memories lie dormant until a trigger activates, then the personality created by this technique is destroyed and the original is restored. This is the ultimate deception technique. As such, the user must be very careful with it. The persona created is not merely a false self. They are a mind in their own right, and could try to ensure the user is never restored if they discovered the secret behind their own creation. So, usually one of the conditions for the reversal of this technique is if the target (the new personality) ever discovers that they are not the original personality.

Soul Clone Technique
Rank: S
Requires: Self Soul Mastery
This functions like a shadow clone with some upgrades. Unlike a shadow clone, the soul clone is a complete real person with part of the user's soul. You could say that there is no original for this technique. It is more like the user splits themselves into parts. The information from their mind would simply transfer to the soul clone. These clones can also take hits unlike shadow clones. There is still a time limit for how long a soul clone can be maintained. Eventually, they will have to re-merge, or one of them will die anyway.

Soul Clone
Class: Kekkei Technique
Rank: A
Requires: Self soul mastery
This technique allows the to make a copy of her own soul and place it into a nonliving object she is touching. She may then puppeteer this object and even use techniques from it provided she can get aroudn the handsigns requirement. She cannot control an object larger than a Polar Bear.

Incorporeal Wings
Class: Kekkei Technique
Rank: C
Requirements: Self Soul mastery
Oshoku's soul sprouts wings which become visible. They can be used to fly, though anything physical will pass through them. This is primarily for an emergency defense, though can make a good sneak attack.

Corrosion Sword
Class: Kekkei Technique
Requires: Corrosion
The user forms a blue blade from his chakra. This sword will pass through all physical objects, but will cut the soul, and may kill the opponent that way.

Death Spirits
Chiyura Corruption Aura
Class: Ninjutsu/Kekki
Use: Active
Rank: SS
Enabled by: Mass Soul Control + Corrosion
These are spirits imbued with Corrosion power. They take the visible form of a skull with a tail of darkness. they enter into living tissue, and use themselves up, destroying the soul of the body part that they touch, rendering the body part dead as well. Since they are spirits, they cannot be destroyed or blocked by normal means. Up to three spirits can be released at once when this technique is used. Afterwards, the Chiyura will be unable to use their kekkei genkai for a week.

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