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Naruto: Corruption

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An evil known as The Corruption infects the land. Will the shinobi world overcome the corruption, or be consumed? 

Tags: Naruto, Corruption, Rping, Role playing, Roleplay 

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Adorable Lunatic

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 1:08 pm
The Hokage's office is at the top of a three story building designed to look like a large tree, reminiscent of the great tree that stood in the second iteration of Konoha, the village having been destroyed by the corruption twice now.

Yuriko is normally in the halls outside the office, waiting for intruders. When the Hokage isn't in the office, Mika will be and can fill in for most tasks.


User Image
Mika Rioto

Age: 23

Rank: Chuunin

Role: Hokage's Assistant

District: Konohagakure

Personality: Shy, Quirky

Brief Bio: Mika grew up as the daughter of a farmer in the countryside... however, when the corruption creature attacks became to severe, and her brother, Riku, was killed, she moved to Konoha and became a shinobi. She became a medical ninja in hopes of saving people. When Asira noticed her talent, she decided to take her as a protege and eventually she became her assistant.

Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique
Mystical Palm Technique
Leech all Creation
Suiton: Feeding Sharks
Transformation Technique
Leaf Whirlwind
Body Replacement Technique

From Asira's Profile:
Invoke Blind Samurai
Beast Style (A Rank)

User Image
Yuriko Kalenku

Age: 24

Rank: Jounin

Position: Hokage's Guard

District: Konohagakure

Personality: Lazy, Sarcastic

Brief Bio: Yuriko became a shinobi because here parents were shinobi. She is a gifted shionbi as well as a lazy one. This reflects her choice to specialize in Genjutsu where she has to use less energy to fight. She often falls asleep on guard duty. She has no real ambitions or goals, but seems okay with a job where she gets to stand there most of the time... though she's unlikely to remaining standing if she can get away with it.


Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death Explosion
Temple of Nirvana Technique
Interrogation Genjutsu
Summoning: Torture Chamber
Sly Mind Affect Technique
Camoflauge Concealing Technique

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:55 pm
Soft Physique Modification C [ 3 pts. ] - Seleena & Ayana Learned
1270/450 words

A figure walked through the entrance, then they walked through once more in the same direction.... wait what? Two identical women with chopsticks in their lengthy black hair walked into the living facility and headed into the living room closing the door behind them. They lived on a flat inside the three story building since that was all they couldn't occupy multiple floors as they had hoped for.
"You can not keep backing out Aya, we need to both be able to utilize our bodies to the fullest extent"
The first woman would turn to the other woman with a sharp and stirn demeanor. Her hands on her hips as she stood sturdy awaiting what excuses Ayana had this time around. They had been experimening on each other for quite some time and Seleen felt that Ayana should have felt comfortable enough to undergo a soft physique body modification, yet that was not the case. "Awwww..." Ayana moped her head tilting back and as she shrugged past Seleen still unsettled about the whole idea. Seleen would riase an eye brow as she pushed a button on the wall and watched Ayana pass by her; the floor would flip over completely taking the center glass table of the living room with it. Upon rotation a labratory like table with straps would flip up to the surface. "I'm doing just fine and my adjustments have no left a scar. The transition is practically painless and you know prescriptions are not an issue." Seleen would state unraveling straps and patting the table inviting Ayana ontop. Eye contact was made then a short stare off between the two commenced before Seleen's eyebrow would arch in an aggressive demeanor. Ayana's eye brows would arch passively as her face relaxed giving into Seleen's dominating personality, "Dammit Seleena..." Ayana moaned through her speech before rolling onto the table without a sound and straight face. Seleen would smile her eyes squinting in delight before Ayana turned to her with a pouting lip and resentment in her eyes. Seleen would sraighten up with a brief glare and a fold of the arms, "Ayana stop being a big baby, this will be quick and painless" Seleen would press her hand against Ayana's chest laying her backon the table completely. Ayana would look forward with the same silent pout as she laid back letting Seleen strap her down. "Good now that you are settled," Seleen would go around to each corner of the table securing Ayana's legs and her left arm. Coming to the last arm she would strap it up quickly with a release that brough the strap to snap back into place nice and snug. Seleen would then walk over to the wall and push another button that slid out an assortment of equipment. First Seleen would take a bundle of needles attached to tubes then insert them in each of Ayana's extremities. Aya would flinch initially for she never over came her dislike for needles, but merely tolerated them being it her profession. It was a double standard for she was well comfortable with inserting needles into other people even though time after time Seleen proved the process to be painless if even noticeable. Looking to her arms Ayana would sigh they let her head fall back completely as Seleen stood next to a rolling table sorting her weapons.... equipment. Taking a mask off the table, Seleen would tilt her head lowering the face to the mask and bringing the mask up to cover the lower half of her face. Seleen would then begin to tie up her mask then reaching for something else on the table. Ayana figured it was about that time where Seleen would connect her to several monitors before giving her an extremely long and uncomfortable shot yet still pain free.... and it would happen, standing tall Seleen would pick up a bottle and hold it just above eye level flicking the bottom of the glass container several times. Ayana would sigh out loud to gain Seleen's attention, but it was ignored as Seleen stood quietly over the rolling table taking a needle and injecting it into the soft top of the cap and extracting the fluid inside. Her mask puffing up and shrinking slowly as she breathed carefully. She liked to be extra cautious with Ayana since she was her sister after all, besides Ayana's mentality was very delicate. It must have been from their time being held captive and experimented on, it was something Seleena could identify with but she had moved past the experience years ago. Laying the needle on a blue sheet next to several other tools Seleen would reach for a cap and snap it onto her head making sure to tuck her hair then it was over to the sink she would go. Washing her hands for about 20-30 seconds and returning to the table to strap on a new fresh set of gloves. Ayana would look up once against lifting her head off the head rest and release a short exclamation of a growl
"grrrr!! ******** Seleena! Hurry on with it already."
Still ignoring her, Seleen would stand tall with the needle in one hand in the upright position as a short squirt was emitted to clear the opening of any blockages that could accidentally be injected into Ayana. Seleen's mask stille xpanding and contracting slowly her breath noted under the mask. Her eyes widening as the fluids shot out, then she would turn to Ayana and smile under her mask. "You'll be gone before you know it..." She always spoke in a sweet voice with any patient undergoing a serious procedure for it made her patience feel more at ease. Lowering her head as she got close to a vein in Ayana's arm she would inject th needle completely then compress the tube letting the fluids release into her blood stream. Ayana would look to her arm as the shot went in and a mask would lower from the ceiling. Ayana took a look at the mask and as Seleena removed the needle from her arm and went to reach for the mask. Placing the mask over the lower half of Ayana's face she would give another delightful smile as strapped it on. "I will be careful and the computer will help me monitor everything since I won't have you as a partner this time around," Seleena said before turning a nozzle that would cause the cord of the mask to stiffen as gas travelled through them and gradually took Ayana to nirvana. moments later Ayana would wake up openinging her eyes slowly to find Seleena smiling at her return to earth. "Welcome back!" Seleena exclaimed as Ayana merely stared back zoned out. "Mhmph.." Excitement ran along her vocal cords as she began to unlatch Ayana and help her sit up. Ayana would mumble a bit still a bit sluggish from the procedure and being heavily medicated. Seleena would help her up unconcerned with what she was mumbling for the procedure was now complete leaving her satisfied. It was the one thing Ayana needed to do for her to feel confident in their teamwork. Getting Ayana to her feet Seleena would aid her step by step to the bedroom then lay her in bed. "Take it easy for a bit - you'll be able to walk soon, but not immediately. Seleena suggested before tucking Ayana in and leaving her to rest up. On the way out she stood by the doorway looking over her shoulder, "I'll bring you a snack to get your energy levels back up"

Arhrii-yana X3

Arhrii-yana X3

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:55 pm
Seleena would head into the kitchen on the same flat and look in the fridge. Inside were fruits so she took an apple since it was simple and sugary. She then grabbed some home made fruit punch and poured Ayana a glass. Walking to a cabinet she opened up to see what other snacks they had on deck and spotted cookies. Taking a paper towel she would reach into the box for three then take the apple and fruit punch to Ayana's room. Ayana would be sitting up completely by this time feeling much more alive and conscious. Seleena would smile handing her the fruit punch carefully then layed the cookies and apple on the napkin on the knight table beside the bed. "I brought you something light", Seleena said leaning forth and placing a single finger on the apple causing it to split into several even pieces then standing straight.

Ayana would take two hands to hold the glass and throw the drink back down the latch before placing the glass on the table besides them. "How are you feeling?" Seleena would ask hoping she was not in pain. Ayana would shrug before she spoke softly, "Not much different thus far, more so just getting over being sedated." Seleena was happy to hear giving Ayana a warm smile before she was taken back by Ayana's next statement, "BuUuT!" Her voice cracked, "Now I expect you to learn basic summoning". Ayana's eyes closed nonchalantly as a Seleena formed a single sweat bubble and an uneasy smile as she picked up the napkin and placed it on Ayana's lap. "Of course of course", Seleena ensured her knowing she would have to commit to some work. To her it wasn't a big deal just more of a nuisance since she it was the only thing she had not mastered out of the two of them. Normally she was ahead of Ayana, but it semed technique wise Ayana had started holding the heft of making sure they were up to date. "I'm serious Seleen, I have been doing my part and I understand you are stronger and more experienced especially with your arsenal not quite holding to mine, but I still do the work so that you can trust me and I expect you to do the same. We're a team" Ayana opened up completely about her feelings on their team status. Seleena sighed looking into Ayana's big bright convicting eyes before kissing Ayana center of the forehead. Ayana's eyes would close as she braced with the cookies and apple slices sinking in her lap between her legs with the towel coiling around them. "Thank you Ayana, I do value you and will do what I have to in order to maintain our trust." Ayana would open her bright eyes staring Seleena down with a glare before slowly sliding an apple slice to her lips and nibbling carefully, "Nyum-yum-yum", the sounds of her munching, "I'm serious Seleena, no sob heart to heart stuff is going to save you, I wanna get up and see your summoning technique working proper." Ayana finished a slice then went to speak, but before she could Seleena and an apple slice disappeared. Seleena reappeared sliding the apple slice in Ayana's mouth then with a tilt of her head and a smile she disappeared once more. Ayana sitting there with her lips puckered and a finger in her mouth, her eyes brightly lit from the unexpected move. Once Seleena vanished she would continue to munch on the apple then turn on the television set.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 4:43 pm
Summoning Technique C [ 3 pts. ] - Seleena & Ayana Learned
972/450 words

Appearing in the living room once more Seleena would push a button that flipped the center floor back over and put the flashy glass table back removing the surgical/lab table. Seleena had given Ayana her word about mastering the summoning technique and she had to admit it was for the good of them both. She had all these snake manipulation techniques and was even able to acquire snake sage mode, however she did not have a basic summoning on her arsenal. She could see why Ayana was so upset considering she had just coerced her to go through a full body surgical procedure. Soon the equipment would lower into the ground with the table and the mask would lift into the ceiling once more concealing everything. "Well, I guess it's time to learn now", Seleena spoke out verbally to herself before looking up. After a pause of silence she made slight gagging sounds as if trying to push something up, yet it was stuck so she reached in her mouth letting her finger search around for a bit then her hand went deeper and deeper until she was somewhere in her throat, then she felt it... Nipping at it Seleena's thumb and pointer pinched it and began to pull it up still hawking slightly until a scroll was removed from her mouth.

Seleena would shake the scroll a bit to free it of her saliva, but the scroll was nice and safe considering the material it was made out of was not paper, but actual fabric and metal. If it had not been it possibly could have gotten eaten up by her acidous venom insides being she was not completely human anymore. Slowly Seleena would unravel the scroll and peep behind her before taking a careful step backwards into a delicate seat on the couch. Scooting back a few times so her back was against the cushions comfortably and sitting upright she would read the scroll. There was not much to the scroll at all, it made her question if the directions were lacking or if this was merely a simple skill. "This should be as simple as summoning Manda II, just with a lower chakra drainage I assume" Seleena would assume before Ayana came into the room and sat besides her, "yeah it is pretty easy" she would take the scroll and bite her finger then slap some blood on it. "That is why I get upset when you don't take the time to learn it, though I understand it does not seem significant to you" A snake would poof before them and Seleena tilt her head to one side. Ayana would then close the scroll and cancel the summoning and another poof would occur sending the creature on it's way. "Now you try" Ayana said with a cheery smile and placing the scroll back into Seleena's lap. "All you have to do is sign this contract in blood of course" Seleena would place her finger on the scroll not biting or anything and simply began writing as blood seeped out of her finger tip. She would sign smoothly, the signature looking like she had used a brush to paint kanji or something of the sort. Seleena would then look over to Ayana once again then ask, "So I focus my chakra I suppose, yet the amount is unfamiliar to me" Ayana giggled a bit as she coiled her legs up onto the couch and to the side laying sideways against Seleena's shoulder. "Well most techniques have a different guage, but scrolls are pretty much straight forward so if you remember the academy well it is pretty much a standard C ranked summoning. Consistency should not be an issue since techniques of this type are merely transferring a certain being from one area to another. You might over guage however, that is fine it'll just make them appear and waste chakra. In your spare time I guess just see how little you can put in. I know you aren't all that great or familiar with summonings, but the amount you use for Manda II is significantly great due to size and of course the prestige of the creature. This should be the last summoning on our list however, but hopefully that wasn't a waste of info" Ayana concluded giving Seleena a chicy blank stare. Seleena muted in awe from the amount of talking and expertise the naive one of the two had given. Ayana giggled nudging Seleena a bit, "...what the?" Seleena was astounded though she should not have been. Ayana always seemed to be the one who was more book aquainted or clueless so it was a hit or miss. She had absolutely no reason for knowing the depth of such a topic due to their goals, but for the most part when Ayana scratched the surface of a topic she dove in even if they were meant to only go so far. Seleena was more of the street smart one of the two with plenty of hands on experience and she read a lot as well so she her knowledge was a bit more diverse. "Well try it" Ayana cried letting her head fall to the side bumping along Seleena's. "Gah!" Seleena wailed as her head swung to the side and back like a inflatable bopping item. Sitting back up pressing her head back against Ayana's she would push her gently to the side restraining fully aware that Ayana had no fully recovered, "Ai YAH Aya! Your big head hurts so much!" Ayana grinned adjusting herself besides Seleena and patiently waiting. Seleena would focus her chakra putting her hand down on the scroll, then a puff of smoke presented itself once more. When the smoke cleared a single snake slightered from the area and went under the couch...

Arhrii-yana X3

Arhrii-yana X3

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:13 pm
Ayana would hug Seleena arms coil around her several times bringing them both to flop over. "AYAAAA!" Seleena would call out before tipping over the edge of the couch after flopping to the side. The two of them would go over the arm rest and hit the ground, Ayana's arms still tied around Seleena and landing ontop of her. With a thud they hit the ground with their faces smooshed together. "You're big head is smooshing me" Seleena attempted to pry herself free but the elasticity of Aya's arms ensnared her own flexible body. "Eh... sorry Celli... not used to BEING A FREAK!!!" Aya's head got big and red with animation, her teeth sharp and eyes purely white with short lived rage before she huffed and turned her head. "Roll over doo-doo head!" Ayana barked, Seleena would give her a sharp look before pushing over rolling Ayana onto her back. Ayana's hands would instantly unwrap like a hose unwinding rapidly and Seleena would push off of her and sigh before leaning back to stretch. "Okay I learned the silly summoning technique, not such a big deal..." Ayana would pop up shortly after they had pried themselves apart. Standing hand in hand leaning forth with head first with wide eyes and sparkling enthusiasm as if awaiting something. Seleena would look to her a bit puzzled, "Well you seem like you are doing well and all that stretching did not seem to affect you much either... I'd say I did a banging job if I may." Seleena tooted her own horn before looking down to Ayana with a shimmering smile in all her glory. Ayana rolled her eyes, "yeah, I'm fine" then Seleena would cut in, "Good because we are so close to wrapping up our list of techniques that I decided we would finish up if you were feeling well" A smug smile crept across Seleena's face. Ayana held her neck, "AAWWK, did I say fine?!? I meant OH MY SPINE!!!" Seleena would drag Ayana by the ear then vanish  
PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:57 pm
Law Of The Universe : One B [ 4 pts ] -Ayana learned

696/600 words

Reappearing outside in the hallway with Ayana behind, Seleena would pace down the hall leaving Aya holding her ear in pain. "SELEENA NOT COOL!!!" She would lean forth arms wailing behind. "Well once you learn this technique I won't have to do that anymore," Seleena would say heading in the same direct as she turned around to face Ayana as she paced backwards. Seleena's foot prints would be heated leaving condensation on the ground where she walked. Her heels leaving prints until she cooled off and no longer left a trail behind her, meanwhile Ayana stood still feeling incredibly hot but able to tolerate the heat. "So warm" Ayana would say rubbing her face then looking to her hands seeing how red they had become. "This is your custom technique am I right Seleena?" Ayana asked as steam rolled off her body and smoke formed at her feet briefly before dissipitating. Seleena would nod slightly with a smile in response, "Yes, it is and now you will be learning it. It is a very useful and helpful technique." Seleena would explain getting ready to go into description before Ayana chimed in, "Yeah..." Ayana said casually with little enthusiasm her head lowering and looking aside as she rubbed the back of her neck. "Hmm!?" Seleena was confused by Ayana's body language and uncomfortable facial expression. "Well, what's wrong?" Seleena would ask folding her arms and shifting her hip to one side. A sweat bubble dropped as Ayana replied uneasily, "Well I already have bodyflicker, do I really need to learn this one?" As Ayana would finish Seleena jumped in again her temper sprouting, "BAKA!!! This is way better and way faster than body flicker and way more efficient, cooler, and much more impressive!!!" Seleena would pinch the bridge of her nose and tilt her head back. "Just pay attention!!!" Ayana would shrink then take a long step back Seleena took the floor, "So... you focus your chakra as we do so often and like Yang two you get the molecules active to where they vibrate at a high frequency." Ayana would nod as Seleena slid her legs apart and bent at the knees in a slight horse stance, her hands balled up and held up at the waist. Her hair began flowing up as smoke began to wear off of her body and flitter into the air. Slight heat waves could be seen and though the technique seemed to be visible it was merely for the purpose of Ayana getting a grip on the concept though she most likely understood since she had mastered all of Seleena's other custom techniques. "When it comes to first learning you want to take it slow though eventually this technique will be simple to perform after you get it once. At a high enough frequency it is a matter of maintaining that frequency, but once you get it you should be able to just get into the technique as you simply vanish like bodyflicker." Seleena would say before vanishing and popping up behind Ayana calm cool and collected. "You should be able to do this fairly easy since you have too much experience with my higher ranking techniques and molecule manipulation" Seleena explained folding her arms and coming to a conclusion. Ayana would turn around and nod slightly taking a step back as Seleena did the same. Focusing on her molecules she began to get them moving at a high frequency being consistent and maintaining was no issue at all, but Ayana did not really find a need for that. She did not need to adjust to the heat that ensued since she was so used to Seleena carrying her along with this technique and she had so much control for someone on the verge of S rank that it was just ridiculous to even stress over the success of this technique. Soon Aya would vanish into thin air then reappear on the ceiling standing upside down, her hair flowing downwards as she stood there arms folded. The both of them not amused and with a bit of work ahead of them, but so far things seemed to be going smooth.

Arhrii-yana X3

Arhrii-yana X3

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:00 pm
Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation A [ 5 pts. ] - Seleena Learned

1,178/750 words

"Now we only have one more technique to secure before we are complete and can focus on new techniques and making customs as well." Ayana would announce before releasing her hold on the ceiling and slowly flipping forward as her molecules began to separate allowing her to glide gracefully to the ground arms out and a soft landing. Seleena nodded before heading down the hall way as Ayana followed behind. "Aya, this last one is going to take a lot, I might even have to go Sage mode which I am not too fond of doing most times. I believe we should..."
"NO!!!", Ayana's head turned to one side as Seleena tried rationalizing. "Aya, we've been trading off C and B ranks. Do I have to be the one to jump to the A-rank technique that doesn't even require you to be immediately in the area to use. You having it is practically like me having it." Seleena tried, her body was not up to it currently and after performing surgery she was surprised she had went out of her way as is to get a move on the objective. "Seleen, this is the last technique..." Aya started "I know Aya, but it's A-ranked and I am beat. I will learn it when I get some rest, I promise" Seleen continued walking and Aya stopped short, "Seleen if I get hurt during battle or I am not able to perform or even be around, then this will be the technique you do not have access to and it's a pretty damn important technique too!!!" Aya went at it again, but it proved helpful as she watched Seleena come to a hault. "Okay Aya, I'll learn it, but not here. There is nothing earthy about this place at all" Seleena would explain. A hand on the back of her neck as she stretched Seleena would turn to Ayana with an uneasy look. "Meet me outside and we'll do this" Seleena vanished then reappeared outside not too long after Ayana did the same.

Standing beside one another Ayana would begin the lecture since she was the one who had mastered this technique. Stepping out in front Ayana would begin class, "So we are learning sage art: inorganic reincarnation. This technique allows the user to manipulate the surrounding environment suddenly though some would use the term enslave, it seems to cruel for me. As you know it's a very unexpected technique that even the sharingan can't even predict. " Ayana would pause waiting to see if Seleena had anything to say or ask before she continued, but Seleena merely took a seat on a nearby stone. She figured this technique would come with a heck of a description though she knew about this technique she knew Ayana had a deeper understanding through research and hands on experience so she sat back. This was time to absorb useful information. "So when we were back at the office, you said something along the lines of this place isn't earthy this is not the place for a technique like this. " Ayana would continue and Seleena could see where this was going. "Well that was incorrect, this technique is for anywhere though a nice earthy field with nature all around would likely be ideal. Those walls are all counted as the environment and anything else that surrounds you. Maybe it is artificial but you know all about composition, everything on earth artificial or not comes from nature." Ayana now pacing back and forth before stopping and facing Seleena, "Got it?" she asked to see if Seleena was following.

"Yes Ayana I am a science major, I grew up with experiments, and grew up experimenting and being experiemented on. I'm fully comprehensive in biomolecular science.... well gosh darn it I am biomolecular science.... " Ayana couldn't help but giggle knowing she was being overly cautious though she was not sure how else to explain this technique to Seleena. Seleena would merely smile shaking her head before standing up and stretching a bit, "so what's the application like? Where should my mind be and what are my options?" Seleena would ask reaching overhead clasping her hands while arching her back and twisting side to side warming up. Ayana would go to sit down though there was nothing behind her then vanish as she went down to only appear in a tree branch above leaving Seleena clueless. "Well before anything you need to go snake sage mode Cell." Ayana would call down as she cuffed her hands around her mouth to magnify her voice. "However, before you waste any of that sage energy and time, I figured this would be a great note to pick up on." Seleena would look up the tree to Ayana as she spoke, "You and I both are super conscious of the fact that everything has cells and molecules and I believe we tend to see the world like that because of heritage and our human prison experiement experience. " Ayana tried relating the experience and Seleena was very receptive of this kind of language. "Understood" Seleena said simply allowing Ayana to continue. "Well just think about when you use Yang: One and Yang: Two. You pretty much infuse with natural energy all the time, this isn't much different from our bloodline it's just that our source for this technique is our sage mode which... you can say kind of amplifies our innate ability even more so than our snake sage predecessors." Ayana's explanation made things black and white for Seleena in those very last few words. "Hmm, you are awesome for that Ayana!" Seleena called up the tree before standing up straight and taking a moment to gather herself. A deep inhale and a quick smooth exhale as she looked down the ground blowing out briefly cheeks puffing momentarily. Following that her body would give off a slow blue aura then suddenly a surge of blue energy wrapped her body as ethereal snakes began to formulate around her. "Oh and Seleen" Seleena's yes shot up in Ayana's direction "There are numerous ways to adjust the surroundings, don't box your mentality in" Ayana would suggest, Seleen would merely nod before her eyes wandered around, then she outright turned in a full circle and back checking out what she would or should manipulate before looking back up to Ayana. "Manipulate anything!" Ayana called out leaning forth. "Hmm" Seleen's eyes shifted to one side before the very tree Ayana sat on erupted and shot up in the sky continuing to grow. The sudden launch sending Ayana up screaming as she grabbed a branch above her. Seleena actually could see herself enjoying this technique more than she thought. She was glad Ayana was so persistent with her taking the time to train for sage art: Inorganic reincarnation, it was entertaining. Covering her mouth, Seleena would giggle lightly looking up to Ayana hanging by one hand from a branch with a dull stare as she looked down before vanishing and appearing next to Seleena with an intense glare.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:03 pm
Sage mode would die off as Seleena returned to original state of being and turning to Aya. "Hey don't be mad at me, you forced me into this plus we finished out list." Ayana a sighed realizing she had grown fond of Seleena's custom technique as well. "Eh whatever" Ayana fanned Seleena off before she took off walking back to the building then vanishing. Ayana a would vanish as well and they would both appear back in their apartment. "I need a shower" Ayana said walking into the bathroom and closing the door behind her. She would begin removing clothes then go to hop in the shower. Pulling the curtains open she would find the shower head turned on and a naked Seleena showering. Seleena would start screaming holding a long brush and dropping her exfoliating sponge. In reaction Ayana jumped back losing balance and fell sideways holding the shower curtains and taking the pole down with it. Hitting the ground with a thud Seleena bursted out with laughter as she pointed with the long brush and a hair full of shampoo. Growling as she got to her feet Ayana picked up the pole ready to swing before Seleena vanished popping up behind her. Ayana would miss falling into the shower and Seleena could be seen leaning on the counter dying of laughter, "oh god stop Aya... My-my sides are cramping" Ayana laid on the shower floor with water sprinkling on her head and finger tapping the base of the shower.

Minutes later the two would both be in the shower scrubbing each others backs and having conversation. "so should we really go into mastering our current set of techniques? I have 6 in mind" Ayana would inquire. Eyes closed, Seleena would continue to shower scrubbing gently from all angles and humming, "Aya, can we at least shower without your mind going a million miles per hour?" Selena would ask pausing for a moment and holding her brush out. "Sometimes you need to just relax and enjoy a shower or relax and enjoy a night out or relax and enjoy um... lets see" Seleena mockingly pretended to think for a moment looking up at the ceiling with her both arms out one holding a brush and elbows in. "Oh that's right... relax!!!" Ayana sulked then went back to scrubbing as Seleena lectured in the showers, "We trained a lot, sometimes a big part of training means resting so you can reap the benefits of training so hard." Ayana did not feel so tired, but then again she was not the one who had learned and had to master an A-rank Sage technique. "aww, I guess you're right Seleen. I just want to be super strong too!" Ayana admitted. Seleena would turn the shower head on letting out warm steamy water to rinse them from head to toe and invite relazation to Ayana. Leaving the water running, Seleena stepped out of the tub and reached for a dry towel to dry off, whichever didnt matter since they shared everything and always showered together. "Aya you are strong, you're apart of council and a master of a bloodline that hardly even exists anymore. Not to mention we survived a corrupted lab during a time of war while remaining free of the corruption. Seleena would elaborate as blanket her head and dried her hair and face. Ayana would finish up rinsing then poof into thin air reappearing out of the shower with the towel that was near by wrapped around her as her soaking wet hair dripped and shadowed her face. "Yeah, I guess you're right Seleena" Ayana would admit once more. Seleena would laugh shaking her head, "I'm always right Ayana, so relax we are uncontended." Seleena would say as she dried the back of her head massaging it with the towel then poofed from the bathroom. Drying off her head as well, Ayana would walk out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. She would head over to the dresser passing Seleena who was moisturizing her legs on the bed diligently. Opening a drawer and taking out two identical white dresses then laying them on the bed beside Seleena before taking a seat as well. Taking the bottle of moisturize Aya would squirt some in her palm and begin rubbing it into her shoulders. "I've been working on a new technique, but I realized it's a complete waste" Seleena added. "Oh?" Ayana responded trying to teather the idea out. "Yeah, basically reformulating the mind... kind of like being on adderall with super sensitive senses yet the ability to numb all those senses... However... we have the discipline of a snake and its ability to feel instinctively. We can already negate sounds and light and we taste air... which is how we smell... The only thing this thing would be good for is hyper active military head kill mode and counteracting genjutsu which we do just by resources..." Ayana was impressed by what Seleena had shared. "It still doesn't sound like a bad idea, you can never have too many resources" Ayana added. Seleena would stand up taking one of the two dresses that was placed along side of her. "You can divide your attention and spread yourself thin..." Seleena replied. "hmm..." Ayana had no argument as she continued to mosturize as Seleena shimmied her hips into the white dress. "Besides, ou arsenal covers most if not all battle conditions for a war field muchless this now tamed unified land." Seleena would toss that out there as she began doing her make up in the mirror. Ayana would just listen, she knew Seleena just wanted to talk and air her thoughts out. Getting up Ayana would slide her dress on just fine and begin doing her make up as well arms grazing one anothers'. Carefully lining her eyes with eye liner Seleena would ask Ayana who had just began setting her make up, "What do you think about mastering sage mode so we can activate it a bit faster as well as the eight gates? They are one of our top techniques yet initiation is a bit too lengthy in these times. No one is going to sit by and just let us transform... " Seleena made her point as she switched to the inner corner of her eye. "hmm" Ayana thought to herself, "yes, it sounds like a brilliant idea however I was also considering we became more familiar with attack of the twins since it's the basis for our reliable set of techniques. It also provides us with a lot of flexibility that I would like to stay on top of." Seleena finished up her eye liner and began with her shadow and mascara while Ayana began highlighting. "Sounds like a plan to me..." Seleena confirmed and that seemed like all that had to be said between the two of them They took pride in their make up, they took a lot of time in preparation, but did not cake anything on. They preferred light coverage though setting was a must for amazons such as themselves.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:18 pm
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Asira stood at the door of the building. She'd been going to head to the Hokage's office but... she felt two chakra signatures. The two that she'd recently appointed. They were in the councilor's room on the second floor. She decided to drop by.

She made her way up the stairs and opened the door without knocking or anything. She had a bored, searching expression on her face as she examined the twins applying their make up.They reminded her of the former Hokage, Aya... though she thought these two were more beautiful, while Aya had been about raw sexiness.

"You two..." They were her newly appointed councilors. "I see you've set up a lab. I hope you're researching something useful."

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:01 pm

The door would open, but the two did not worry much. They merely just finished their applications both ending at the same time popping their lips in the mirror after applying a nice rich red coat of lipstick to their lips. One could say the two resembled Aya especially with a name like Ayana and a bloodline of Souma no ko. Their arsenal of techniques very similar but quite distinct from the former Hokage's.

Hearing that oh so familiar voice of Asira's, Seleena would pop her head out from the open door way. She was merely standing there calling out to them with a witty statement. With a dazzling smile from her bright red lips Seleena would present herself as she ought to, "Asira Sama, so nice of you to drop by. To who do we owe the pleasure?" Not a hint of sarcasm though her preppiness was a bit fabricated, which was typically fine in social interactions. Walking out of the room not too long after would be Ayana the splitting image of Seleena dressed identically and wearing make up in the same fashion. The two were truly a beautiful pair. "Asira Sama , so nice of you to drop by! To whom..." Seleena placed her pointer finger gently on Ayana's lips then shook her head slowly, "nope already did that..." Ayana looked deeply into Seleena's eyes blushing slightly, "oh okayz." Seleena would smile gently closing her eyes and turning to Asira taking a light sigh of relief as Ayana's eye brows rose and her eyes brightened looking to Lord Hokage Asira. "So how may we be of service to you Asira-sama?" The two would say simultaneously ending with a delightful smile and a slight tilt of the head upon closing out their dialogue.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:39 pm
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Her one visible eye passed over one twin, then the other, trying to find some difference. Well there were two of them... would they get two votes in the grand council meetings? They'd better press for that if anything important came to vote.

"The lord of the land of fire is dead." And by Asira's own hand. "As you should know, the Chiyura clan has reigned over this land for generations. I've already taken steps to secure my place as lord within my village. I want you to speak with the councilors from the other village. In the next grand council meeting, make sure they know who is lord."

Her cousin was still alive and there was a chance that she would try to become Fire Lord herself. Her cousin who had killed Asira's parents when Asira was so young... now Asira had returned the favored and killed her father... this was a ******** up family.

She put a hand on Saleena's head and moved in a bit closer, looking into her eyes with that one red eye. "Can I trust you both to accomplish this? And to take care of anyone else who tries to take power."

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:12 pm

Asira would once over the two of them, this they both noticed... though they knew it couldn't be helped since they were identical twins even more so than regular identical twins. Hopefully the hard looks would pass like the saying went for hard times. 'And this too shall pass'

At the news of hearing the Fire Lord had passed, Ayana had gasped covering her mouth delicately where as Seleena's eyes widened subtly but only for a moment before her face relaxed once more. Her attention was captured for a mere moment though she was the more poised of the two. Yet, at the same time death did not mean much to her nor did the Lord of Fire for he was far too detached in relation. However, Ayana knew how to display humane feelings although she was quite detached herself and wanted to be concerned with Asira's feelings as well.

Asira would continue on and Ayana would lower her loosely coiled hand to her chin taking note. It seemed Asira had already taken action and had already started reaching for power. "Oh so soon?" Ayana whispered under her voice lightly so as not to interrupt Asira as she spoke. Seleena shot her a quick look then returned her attention to Asira. It seemed to Seleen that Asira wanted to establish her dominance, which was a game Seleena was all too familiar with. However, she was unsure if 'make sure they know who is lord' was an order or an idea Asira had in mind. With that she continued listening as diligently as she applied her eye liner as did Ayana.

Not too long after though Asira would reach out touching Seleena's head and peering into her eyes. Typically Seleena would not have it considering such a gesture suggested she was beta, however she had to humble herself. Seleena's eye rattling slightly upon Asira's touch as she bared through the final words and a simple request. To Ayana this request applied to Asira the requester, but Seleena knew what Asira meant. 'Can I trust you both to accomplish this?' confirmed that Asira's questionable statement was in fact an order.

"I would hate to sound blond with all due respect and not to offend you Asira Sama..." Seleena said despite the light blond tones in Asira's hair though it could have mistakeningly been white hair, "But you aren't asking what I believe you are asking of us are you? Not that we would be opposed, but I'd hate to make a rash decision or better yet fail to make one if that is the request." Seleena would clarify herself. Ayana would turn her attention to Seleena before butting in, "I think she means we should do them in Seleena..." With a fierce blink and solemn turn of the head towards Ayana, Seleena would silence her. Ayana zipping her lips with an imaginary key and tossing it. Seleena would then look to Asira once more. Not that they were not well trained to kill or that they haven't been killing in private with their experiments, but the two did not like to bring attention to themselves all too often. "If that is what you require Asira-Sama, who are we to decline?" Seleena made the exception with a single pleasant smile that was shortly lived yet her facial expressions did not gesture anything. It was if there was some resent behind it for Seleena did not feel like she could say no. After all who were they too truly say no? Ayana meekly raising her index to interject in the dialogue, "Asira Sama She means yes, Lord Hokage " Ayana would correct Seleena's response with the correct pronoun and corresponding prepositions for the sake of making amends. Seleena would bow her head, "Pardon my tongue, it seems I have lost track of my speech" Seleena would n** on her bottom lip maintaining discipline. For her to have gone off the rail and now have to pull back in such a manner was truly out of character for her. However, this was the responsbility she had picked up and now it was time for her to report for duty.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:11 am
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Asira removed her hand and moved back just a bit. The look in her eyes became a bit less intense. She had been testing her new councilors, that was all, and they'd passed.

"If you make a rash decision, you'll put us all in danger. I wanted to know that you're prepared to do whatever is necessary to secure my power, that is all. That might mean doing someone in... but that would be a last resort. You're a councilor, a politician. Use your political skills to undermine anything my opponent tries."

"Chiyura Yuurei, my cousin. That is who you need to... keep an eye on for now."

((this is Yama's character. She's still finishing the profile))

Asira flexed her shoulders and her head, then let her shoulders drop a bit, further breaking the atmosphere that had been so tense moments ago. "That meeting won't be in a few days. You'll have time to think about things... In the mean time, we should celebrate our new positions."

Asira stepped into the hallway and motioned for them to follow her. She'd lead them up to her office, where Mika had already set up a table and poured each of them small glasses of sake. Asira grabbed hers and held it up. "To our new councilors"

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:13 pm

Ayana stood on standby still watching the interaction between Asira and Seleena. She even had to acknowledge the relief she felt inside when Asira had created the distance. Seleena had to admit she could feel the tension loosen upon the release of her head and the personal space she was given back. Taking a step back herself and kneeling with her head bowed as to not even create an opportunity for doubt. Then she would listen like make up, but Ayana would not go to such extremes. She felt comfortable and non threatening and had no pressence of engaging or resisting to even compensate or strive though her ears were dealing with make up as well. Happily so as the words coming out of Asira's mouth had significantly dropped the tension though they could not shake the feeling of obligated loyalty and respect. Though they were not expected to do anyone in that did not mean that one day they would not have to. As of the moment they were instructed to keep an eye on Yuurei Chiyura her cousin who may have assistance in destroying Asira's politcal power and image. In addition attend a meeting and exercise Konohgakure's dominance in a civil and refined manner. Seal the deal then return to Konohagakure terrirtory after having all attending cooperate willingly or willingly. Seleena took a quick glance to Aya making very short eye contact as if being cautious on how they communicated to reduce doubt. However, in that fraction of a second they both truly understood the course they would have to take. They had a few days to think it over and chat anyway.

Asira would suggest they all celebrate, it made Seleena uneasy, but she had to get into the habit of just going along with what the Hokage wanted to entertain. Ayana watched as Asira would take a stroll out into the hallways. Seleena would look immediately, then Asira would gesture for the two women tag along. accompany her. Ayana would exit the room with small paces trailling behind Asira. Seleena would stand up straight and walk out into the hall walls a few seconds behind to meet them in the office. Ayana would approach the table behidn Asira and picked up a glass and soon after Seleena would enter the room seeing the two raising their glass. Picking up a glass up off the table Seleena would join her glass with the other two so as to participate in their celebration.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:26 pm
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Asira downed her glass. She set it down. Something was off. Something in the room didn't look quite right to her. The black pendent around her neck pulsed just once then lay still. Although the pendent itselef was hidden under her clothes, a faint glow would be visible when it did this.

It was the lighting... the lighting was strange for this time of day. Asira got up and walked to the window, opening the window, to see... the beginning of a solar eclipse in the sky. She wasn't an astronomer, but she hadn't heard of one happening today. It looked ominous and beautiful next to the moon.

WAIT, NEXT TO THE MOON!? If the moon was over there... what was blocking the sun. Then, Asira recognized it. The planet that had appeared inside of the corruption. No one had seen it for 14 years, but there it was.

The pendent pulsed over and over again as the planet moved until it blocked the sun completely, then the pulsing stopped. Asira sighed in relief. She didn't want to deal with that person right now.

She continued to watch until the planet moved off of the sun. As it did, the planet became invisible oncemore. "It seems parts of the corruption still linger beyond our sight..." She said where the twins could hear.

<I would worry more about the evil lurking within you> A voice said inside of Asira's mind. Asira's head turned involuntarily looking down at her own body. She held out her arms and looked over herself. <My, my, you've become a big girl, hmmm?&gt;

Asira gritted her teeth. Damn it. She couldn't talk without the twins thinking she was crazy... so she tried thinking very hard about her words. <What the Hell do you want?">

Whomever was possessing Asira took control of her arms again and held them up in an 'I don't know' gesture.

Asira blushed and quickly moved her arms back to her side. <stop that!>

<Uh... well, I've been asleep for a long time. I really have no idea what's going on. I'll figure out what my plan is later on. It'll probably be something really evil, don't worry. There will be a line of bodies from here to mist. Where are we anyway?&gt;

She wanted to make some threat to him, but from everything she knew about this person her ancestor... there was nothing she nothing she could threaten him with. He cared about no one and even his life... it was all a game to him... so she'd play that angle. <I'm going to be playing politics and vying for power... you sit back and watch, got it?&gt;

He chuckled inside of her head. <I'll do as I please... so you'd better make it interesting for me.>

Asira flexed her arm. It seemed she had full control once again, but she couldn't help get out one last insult. <For an almighty master of evil... your motivations are childish and petty... Koumovadra.> She thought with a condescending tone.

Asira glanced back at Ayana and then at Saleena after all of her strange behavior. She sat back in her chair, sighed, and finally spoke aloud "Um... yes... that planet. Its a terrible omen, isn't it."

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